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Tree Removal

At Bulldog Tree Care we specialize in large dangerous tree removal. We can safely and efficiently remove any tree regardless of size, location or condition. By using years of the experience and state of the art equipment we can tackle any job.


At Bulldog Tree Care we own and operate our own crane and bucket truck. Combine that with years of climbing experience. We can make even the most dangerous or difficult trees look easy. Giving you the piece of mind you need in knowing that you have chosen the right company for the job.

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Stump Removal

After a tree has been removed there is the task of removing that unsightly stump. We are well equipped with a large stump grinder to handle the usual choir of removing that stump into a simple task. So feel confident that after we take care of a stump you won't have to mow around or simply have an eye sore in your yard anymore.

Tree Pruning / Triming

Pruning is done for a lot of reasons and is usually necessary for keeping a tree healthy in a residential area. Some reasons to prune your tree include


Thinning out the canopy- this is done to take stress of the tree due to wind resistance or remove some weight off limbs. This promotes better health and less stress on your tree reducing the risk of loosing limbs or branches during high wind activity.


Dead wood removal- every tree over time will accumulate dead branches which need to be removed before they cause damage to a home or someone's property. Sometimes large branches become rotten or decayed posing a serious threat.


Clearance- a lot of times trees will grow up against a building or structure presenting the possibility to cause damage to the structure or the tree. The same hazard is present with overhead power lines. When trees contact power lines a serious hazard is present which can lead to loss of power or a dangerous situation for pedestrians.


Elevation- a lot of times trees just simply need to be elevated so their not coming in contact with vehicles or so you can simply mow your lawn without interference.


-Don't trust just anyone with your trees improperly pruned trees can become hazardous or unhealthy leading to a tree that needs to be removed! Know that your trees in good hands with Bulldog Tree Care.

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24/7 Emergency Service

Mother Nature is unpredictable and if the incident arises you can count on Bulldog Tree Care to take care of the emergency on hand. We can safely remove trees from structures or simply remove hanging or broken limbs caused by storm damage.

Certified Arborist

Are you concerned about your trees health? Don't take some random joes word for it! Talk with one of our certified Arborists today. We love your trees as much as you do!

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Land Clearing

No matter how tough the job. From 1 acre to 1000. Bulldog posses the right equipment and knowledge to complete the task. We specialize in tough terrain applications that most shy away from.

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